FreeBSD Ports Collection - git mirror

This is a conversion of the CVS repository of FreeBSD's Ports Collection into a git repository, which includes the full history. It is updated once a day. This might be useful for contributors to maintain their patches or for people, who have local modifications for various reasons. The clone only needs about 360 MB and the working copy requires another 460 MB. The original CVS repository is about 1.5 GB large.

Fetch instructions

The repo includes all (several thousand) branches and tags of the original repository. I recommend cloning only the master branch, which is the current state of the main branch of the CVS repository. Just use the following to set up your clone:

To get a clone of the full repository, just use git clone git://


It cannot be guaranteed, that the conversion from CVS to git is stable (mostly due to repocopies). So sometimes updates might result in a slightly different history. This has to be handled with git rebase, if you have local commits. Executing git rebase --onto '@{u}' '@{u}@{1}' on every local branch directly after fetching should resolve the issue in most cases.

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